Tech Zone

Step Into the TechZone that will have Robots, 3D printers, STEM Kits, Arduinos, IoT kits, Virtual Reality and a lot more!!! TechZone opens your eyes to the accessibility of different kinds of technology tools that can be used by Makers and learners alike.

Maker Zone

Makers brings the latest technology, creative ideas and innovation to the masses in a unique zone where makers show what they are making, and share what they are learning in an interactive way.

School Zone

A zone dedicated to educational institutions where schools can showcase their programs and offerings alongside other educational bodies such as universities, vocational colleges or other educational organizations.

Science & Engineering Zone

This will zone will showcase the very best of experiments, chemistry laboratory, space, life sciences, electric vehicles & battery technology etc...

Sustainable Future Zone

Explore new ideas alongside fellow leaders in Sustainability to Future Food industry as they help promote a better world by recycling, renewable energy, and new food technologies and products that address issues such as climate change or food shortages around the world.

Hands-On Activities

A place where Makers showcase their applied skills in areas such as pottery, woodworking, glass blowing, sculpting or other hands-on activities.

Arts & Craft Zone

Explore your creative side alongside fellow artists and instill a passion in yourself through painting, crafting, photography, jewelry making, origami or other fine arts as families and communities come together to appreciate works and potentially try their hands at making their own.

Play Zone

Play Zone offers so many variety of things from Toy Brands, Entertainment Brands, Educational Games, STEM Toys, Digital Entertainment and among others.


Why You Should Take Your Kids To a Maker Faire

For many of the kids in attendance Maker Faire is their first real introduction to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM). These will be vital skills for today’s kids moving forward as technology will continue to impact every kind of career path. For many of them, Maker Faire will be the catalyst that steers them towards the jobs of the future.

Join us this October to celebrate the greatest “Show & Tell” on earth.
16th & 17th October, 2021
Yuanmingyuan Road Pedestrian Street
Yuanmingyuan Road, The Bund, Huangpu Qu, Shanghai Shi, China
10AM to 5PM
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